Our Business is Solving your Problems

Sooner or later, most everyone has to decide how to sell an estate, household items, or a collection of antiques. Auctions and Services Unlimited (ASU) specializes in selling these items using the auction method. We are dedicated to providing outstanding professional services to our clients. Our business is solving your problems.

A successful, professionally conducted sale does not just happen. It requires trained, experienced, honest, knowledgeable, and hard-working personnel who place attention and emphasis on all the details. We use our management experience, business experience, people skills, and knowledge of the market to handle all the intricacies of a successful sale.

We handle every phase of your sale. We organize, clean, make minor repairs, lot, tag, display items, promote, advertise, manage and conduct the sale in order to obtain top dollar for you. We provide all personnel and equipment necessary to conduct your sale. We would be pleased to conduct a sale for you! Auctions and Services Unlimited can turn your property into immediate cash.

Why Sell with Auctions and Services Unlimited?

We strive to honor your pieces, represent them honestly and give you the greatest return. To do so we are practical and honest about their market value and make sure our process is the best option for you. We start with a free appraisal where we provide insight, market knowledge and auction records to help you make an informed decision. Then, our knowledgeable and caring consignment specialists will discuss the auction process with you before signing a contract. Your specialist will be available to you from appraisal to final sale. Contact us for a free evaluation of your items or estate!

We Are a Full-Service Auction Business

In addition to conducting auctions, we can:

•  Appraise personal and estate property, antiques, and collectibles.
•  Assist owners in making decisions about what to keep or sell.
•  Assist owners in determining the fair and equitable distribution of items.
•  Accept consignment items to sell at our own auction.
•  Tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual client.